Nicholas Wallace

Composer, Poet, Educator


Composition and new music in the classical sense can be a mixed bag of emotions, trials, errors, and constant tribulation. This rings especially true in today's 21st century world of hyper-stimulation in art, music, writing, and cultural mixing.

Everyone is trying to stand out, to find their own voice, and to be heard.

I simply give you my music--and I hope I can encourage all future artists to find their own voice as well.

My dream, like so many others, is to add my voice to the mix, and in my own small part, bring joy to those who would care to listen.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas about my music, or would like more information, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear your input.

In addition, I will gladly take up commissions for chamber works, and resumes/curriculum vitae are available upon request.

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